Looking to buy my first guitar and was wondering if this is a good guitar. I want it because its a Def Leppard guitar, however I'm a bit worried because it's a Def Leppard guitar and might just be relying on the license. Recommendations for other guitars are more than welcome!
Go for a used Mexican Strat (Fender of course...). It'll cost you around the same price for a much better guitar. Look at Craigslist, there are always tons of Strats for sale.
I woulden't rely on something purely because it's a guitar sanctioned by a band and then giving it away for pennies. The actual guitar he uses costs way more and I think you should look into other brands which have good guitars for little money.

I think you should look into an Ibanez RG2EX1.
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I'm pretty sure that's the guitar I saw at Target the other day, so no. For 250 you can find plenty of decent beginner guitars. Have a look around the Guitar Center website or something.

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