im going to see buckethead at the Masquerade in Atlanta in October. im pretty pumped. on the ticket it says buckethead and guests and i cant find any info on it so does anyone know who his guests usually are or are on this tour? i was hoping for Serj. that'd be amazing
Probably Serj. The Masquerade is an amazing venue. I saw Gigantour there and it was amazing.
could be a few members from the deli creeps. now that would be nice.
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yeah that would be something. maybe claypool haha. now that would be insane!
Man, I'd kill to see Buckethead live. One of these days, man...

He was in a bar once here in Vail (Colorado), but I had no way of getting there or back...
90% of Buckethead shows this year he has been with That 1Guy

They do some awesome jams, he hardly ever plays shows with Serj, and Les deffinately wouldn't join him, nor the deli creeps
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