OK so my ibanez RG 4 somethings strap got caught to my computer chair i turned around and it fell off the table. my Tuning Key broke off just one and my local guitar shop doesnt supply tuning knobs keys w/e u call em. so i guess i have 2 order it off the internet... do u know what model this is.

sry for my ****ty webcam but its a Silver finish with a mirror face/pick guard
probably a customized (as in after market) RG
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it should say on the bk of the headstock.

Ya thats wat i thought 2 well i dont know if this helps but it says (F0436808)made in Japan they dont sell these anymore i think. but the 350ex is kinda the same but diff pick ups i was going to buy that guitar. until i tryed this one. but does it matter cause i just want a tuning knob. i dont know if this matters also but my knobs have screws on them. (sry ive been playing guitar since the end of FEB this year so im new to this)