I'm looking to get a new guitar here soon, and would like some advice on what to get. My budget is about $350-$400 tops. I play an alternative rock/rock style, so humbuckers would be preferred and utilize a few pedals, with a simple distortion pedal being the primary. I'd be willing to buy used. Thoughts?
If you'd like to try them out before you buy (I recommend this), the Epiphone G-400s or the Fender Mexican Standard stuff would be your best bet.

If you're willing to order online, I've heard many good things about Agiles.
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Agile al-3000/3100


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if you want a sharp sound and want real good effects and distirtion, a AXL Fireax looks the way to go, bout 350-500 bucks. I hear it whammys great, the pickups are fantastic and that with an effects pedal, you can make it sound better than a Gibson Les Paul.
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