What is the name for this tuning: low to high- A D A D G B E ? I thought it might be A standard, but that's A D G C F A D right. By the way I put a thread up a few days ago or smething about our bands tuning problem he wanted F and I wanted A, we solved it by using this tuning.

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(sounds sick, and loud too) ^
i dunno. its drop d... and then drop a on a 7 string... weird. it might sound like poo as an open chord. i think if you put the d as an e it would just be drop a... and bad ass.
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just google it or check you tube, people put plenty of guides up for these things, whether they're right is completely different
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Just drop D on a seven string I guess?

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Drop D on the low E string and then drop the low B to an A, and you have a stacked fifth and then E standard.
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