OK so i am working on true bypassing my crybaby and for some reason i ordered a 3pdt switch instead of a dpdt. I think i remember reading that I can just ignore one of the columns of lugs but I dont know which one.
3pdt is pretty much standard for true bypass?

crude but effective picture illustrating bypass:

Actually though, if you just want to do dpdt you could take a multimeter to the lugs and switch it back and forth until you establish which side way is the throw vs. which is top/bottom
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Yeah, just ignore one column of lugs. If you don't want an LED.
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ok since I already have this thread open i will just keep using it. I just finished my true bypass mod and I tested it. The true bypass seems to be working well. I got a nice clean signal through it even when the pedal had no power. However when I turned the pedal on the wah doesn't sweep any more. it just sounds like it is heel all the way back no matter where the pedal is set. I chose to remove the buffer when I didn't the mod. Im not sure what to do here.