I've made a few guitar recordings using the mic built in on my laptop and its always worked just fine untill yesterday. It still works, but everything comes over realy quiet. Its like the mic has lost its sensitivity. The only changes Ive made was yesterday I installed audacity and dinked around in there, and I turned off the mics enhancements. It went quiet Before I turned them off, and it stays quiet when I turn them back on. Ive made sure the input is at 100% but its still no good. Can anyone help me?
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Check the volume levels in audacity, and in your operating system itself. Sometimes when playing around levels tend to get mixed. Hope it helps.
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I cant see why MEs should be on...

anyways check and recheck all of your settings...even the common ones.

Try uninstalling the sound drivers going though the "Device Manager", restart the computer, then reinstall them (find them at your laptops website (Acer, Dell, HP...)
I think I fixed it. I found a configure mic option through the control panel and it then asked me to speak into the mic and after I did, it automatically adjusted it. Thanks for suggestions guys.

Edit: And I leave the enhancements off because when they're left on, they make the sound wavy and distorted after about 40 seconds of recording.
"Good and evil lay side by side as electric love penetrates the sky"