I'm borrowing some of my cousin's gear, including an Orange Crush amp, but the power chord was misplaced.

Anyone know any cords that might plug into this:

It's an Orange Crush 20B. If worse comes to worse I can go buy one, but I'm thinking there must be a similar power cord laying around somewhere.
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i wouldnt try to force a different shaped plug into the plugin
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Use a kettle lead
At school, if we couldn't find the leads, we used to just take them from the back of monitors/computers. They worked fine.

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Go find a junk computer and yank the power cord off it
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I'll try that out and get back, sounds like a winner though.

EDIT: Works perfect, only problem is I only have one computer power cable and it's to the one I'm using. That's alright though, I can just trade off until I get a new one, thanks guys.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
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