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Used searchbar, nothing like this. Only songs along the lines of SUGGESTING a song with a cool intro.


What is the Pit's favorite song intros? They set a great tone for the rest of the song, etc.

The Who - "Baba Oriley" - That synth is so amazing. So simple, but it sounds so downright... epic. I can't get enough of the entire song.

EDIT: Okay, I get it. I failed. I just dont frequent The Who.

Foo Fighters - "Everlong" - The quiet, distant, muffled guitar sound is relaxing, yet fast-paced, as is the rest of the song. It sends chills down my spine when the rest of the instruments come in.

Audioslave - "Cochise" - Oh, I wish I knew how Tom got that helicopter sound. The drum beat and that make for such a great, intense buildup. Same for when the bass and distorted guitar come in, then explode into the sweet main riff.

Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear The Reaper" - The great, simple guitar line rings throughout the main part of the song, and of course, the cowbell just makes it even better.

Aerosmith - "Janie's Got A Gun" - The creepy, quiet wind-chime intro is great, but when that awesome slap bass comes in with Steven's vocal hook on top of it, oh, I think about having an orgasm... sometimes.

The Wallflowers - "One Headlight" - The distant distorted guitar only plays a few notes before the drums come in, but when the bass and guitar come back, it sets in the mellow, laid back tone.

Guns N' Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle" - Slash's simple-yet-unorthodox riff here is great, and it's got this sort of... balls-y element that of course is in the whole song.

There are more, but I don't want to list and explain them all.

So what are you guys' favorites?
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Machine Gun
Jimi Hendrix

Voodoo Child
Jimi Hendrix

Most other Jimi Hedrix songs
its "baba o' riley" not "teenage wasteland"

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teenage wasteland...baba o'reily?

EDIT: confirmed by wicket_nirvana. TS fails.
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I'm Alright - Neil Zaza

It's an instrumental, but I like the into till the drums and bass start.
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The Belle of the Ball- Beneath The Sky

extremely heavy right of the start, i love it
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Thunderstruck - AC/DC

how he picks the intro its awesome
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I'm not a huge Slayer fan but I have always liked the intro to "Seasons in The Abyss".
Haha, I made the same mistake - I blame Limewire though, that's what it was called when I downloaded it.

Erm, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns is pretty awesome, as is Nightrain and maybe Rocket Queen.
Little Wing by Hendrix and Killing in the Name by RATM are good too.

Also, I believe the intro to Cochise was done by hitting the strings with a pencil, probably with delay :P
Painkiller - Judas Priest
The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath
Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Dimmu Borgir
Havenless - Enslaved
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle - Dethklok
Only Ash Remains - Necrophagist
What May Safely Be Written - Nile
Terminus (Where Death is most Alive) - Dark Tranquillity
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Welcome To The Jungle
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everlong-foo fighters, and for getting the cochise sound he has a digidelay pedal on short delay and a digiwhammy set an octave down and hits this
with a pencil over and over really fast, its pretty cool
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Audioslave - "Cochise" - Oh, I wish I knew how Tom got that helicopter sound. The drum beat and that make for such a great, intense buildup. Same for when the bass and distorted guitar come in, then explode into the sweet main riff.

Doesn't he just have a delay pedal on and hits the strings with a pencil?
Alaska by Between the Buried and Me- The sweeps are awesome.
Raining Blood by Slayer- I don't know what others think but I feel like this intro is somewhat of a classic but thats just me.
I thought the intro to coshise was done with a wrench. not a pencil.

I can't pick a favorite into, i just love so many of them, so much!

/gir moment
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Echoes - Pink Floyd

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I) - Pink Floyd

Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin
The beginning of Turnin on the Screw always makes me want to groooove.
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"MIA" - Avenged Sevenfold


Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold, gets me pumped

My Curse by Killswitch Engage - that clean to heavy is just great

The Light that Blinds by Shadows Fall - the mysterious Acoustic leading into the outrageous Solo is borderline amazing

Blackened by Metallica - can't help but love it

Rainmaker by Iron Maiden - Don't know why, I just like it, it's pretty fun to play as well.

13 Steps to Nowhere by Pantera - between the drums and dimes grind, it's just pretty brutal sounding

Edit; I forgot about the Intro to Vela together we Await the Storm by The Human Abstract - AJ's sweeps are just about awe inspiring.
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As a bassist my #1 favorite intro is Domination by Symphony X. Gawd I tried learning so many times, but stopped when I felt blood coming from my ears.
Voodoo Child, Purple Haze, Sweet Child of Mine, Cmon Cmon, Down With The Sickness, and 94 Hours.
Over the Hill and Far Away by Gary Moore and Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria.
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Oh, and I do have to say Smoke On The Water. The intro is simple and addictive, and it's orgasmalicious when the hi-hat comes in, double-time. And the bass. It IS a great song, irregardless of how overplayed it is.

And when playing Cochise, do you still strum it like... trilling?
Live To Tell The Tale - Nightwish
Metal Meltdown - Judas that wankfest of an intro
Atomic Punk - Van Halen
Out Of The Silent Planet - Iron Maiden
santeria- sublime
sweet child o mine- gnr
who are you- the who
hot for teacher- van halen
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Metallica - Entersandman
Avenge Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim
Dr. Dre - the intro on 2001 (ie. cracked my back window in my car with the bass!)
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Manowar - Warriors Prayer (not real and into but kinda, to Blood of the Kings)
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Helicopter - Bloc Party
Undefined - As I Lay Dying
Say Goodbye - I Killed the Prom Queen
Upon A Rivers Sky - I Killed the Prom Queen
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The Autumn Effect- 10 Years
New Medicines- Dead Poetic
Walls of Jericho- Fair to Midland
Jeremy- Pearl Jam
Narcoleptic- People in Planes
Some Sense of Security- Saosin
Question!- System of a Down
Vicarious- Tool
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