Hey I made a topic awhile ago about only learning some of the basic chords but now I've progressed quite a bit and can play pretty much all the open chords (C, D, E, G, A, Am, Em, F etc) and switch through them smoothly. I have been learning now for about 3 months.

I've also learned the notes on the E strings and the A string, and I know how to tune using the 5th fret rule (thanks to a lesson here on UG)

I can play pieces of songs (Ain't talkin bout love intro, Back in black verse, Smells like Teen Spirit Solo, Green day..pretty much know my power chords)

I'm just putting here what I know, but I'd like to know where to go next : Barre chords? Scales? CAGED system? learn more notes on the other strings? more songs?

Oh and I need a new amp I was looking at the Roland Microcube how is that one? (I have a cheap Ibanez 15w static box that sounds horrible it came with my starter pack :\ )

One last question : Can somebody explain why power chords are done differently in Drop D tuning I don't understand why it's 1 finger?


drop d situation...you tune down the low E string a full step, so the equivalent of 2 frets...as a result, you need to fret that string two frets higher to get the same sound. this lines up your 1 finger with the 3 and the 4, so u can just bar it with 1.
for the power chords, it has to do with intervals.
i'm pretty sure that it has to do with the perfect 5th interval.
try google to look into it more.
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Read "The Crusade" series of articles on the main U-G site. It's got all the information you need in a series of lessons and articles. A good read and very informative.
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