i need to find a good song to play for this battle of the bands thing for our county so if u gots ne ideas . reply.
rock please.
arrogant bastard by lamb of god. jk

maybe a primus song like my name is mud, or a tool song like schism, theres a lot of songs to choose from
Fat Bottom Girls - Queen

Can't go wrong with queen son.. or Run-DMC or Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley. There really are A LOT of choices for you. What sort of audience are you playing for?
i'd say for a metal song: Sanitarium- Metallica
Rock: Helter Skelter- The Beatles
Alt: Cherub Rock- Smashing Pumpkins

or ya know, Necropedophile xD
Hot For Teacher - Van Halen
Under the Bridge - RHCP
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
Red House/Voodoo Child/Little Wing/All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Anne - John Frusciante
Bulls on Parade - RATM
21st Century - RHCP
I Could Have Lied - RHCP
Permutation - RHCP
Any Santana song
Texas Flood - SRV
Eruption - Van Halen
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