Hey UG, I've been looking at some medium sized gig amps and a show guitar.

The look my band is going for involves the flying V style guitar and 4 matching suits of a different colour each, we are a modern metal sound like BFMV, Underoath, Atreyu etc, but we like to think that we are still unique. I've got an amp I practice indoors with, so no need to worry about being quiet for me, however, I need something for gigging that doesn't belong to someone else or our highschool.

I'm currently practicing with and ESP eclipse - 50 series and a Line 6 Spider iii 15w (I love the feel of the Eclipse however not the tone so much, and the spider sound is great just not loud enough) I've been gigging with my lead guitarists smaller amp, his 75w spider iii, while he's using a half stack Spider and an Alexi-600.

so what I'm after is a Gig amp that's 100w + and a flying V guitar that's got a good sound to it, I'll only really be gigging with this equipment.

We play mostly in drop C/D tuning.

I'm looking at spending 2 grand maybe a tad more, amp will be bought first followed by guitar.

Thanks guys, I'm interested to hear some feedback
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