The one he did with his muddy dean Splittail on youtube. I'd love to learn it but I'm terrible at tabbing, (just starting really) and this is way outta my league. I'd like to learn it

1) Cause I may actually be able to play it with practice (maybe )


2) I'd actually like to play it and have good tone, I.E. not play it through a damn Marshall MG 15w SS Stack like Mr. Wylde (whom I respect) decided to (SHAME!!!).

Anyone care to do this? Youtube video is on bottom of post. Please? You'll be my bestest friend

Yes, I know the tone is horrid. See number two.

ZW SSB Complete with suck-tastic tone
Wow, no one? Well I learned the normal SSB in between my two posts, maybe I'll try to tab his... This is still up for grabs, I'd really appreciate if someone would do this. Also I should have specified I don't have power tab or anything like that, so if someone does decide to do this if they could just do it in standard format that would be amazing.
Thanks! Man, I'm glad I atleast have the original down, this is looking like quite a feet (for me, atleast) hopefully I'll be able to pull it off, would love to have it in my arsenal. Idk, there's always something about the SSB that just makes me wanna stop and listen, no matter how good or bad it's played, it always draws me in. This is certainly a different and definitely new cool take on it!