Ok, probably the best song I've made so far, but none of my songs are that great... I've got Clarinet play'n the vocals, but i don't have lyrics for anything but the chorus, which you can see in the gp5/4 format, sorry all you non midi's :P the lyrics arn't that good anyway, really repetitive i know. ok here we go, C4C plz

*edit* ok ive updated some stuff, i think its better now, a lot.
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fun song. some cool stuff going on. nice simple yet easy to listen to riffs. keys compliment the piece nicely. drums do also. during the chorus, it lacks a lot of energy it should have. I'd say make the guitars louder and double the rhythm. harmonics on lead also get a bit annoying :/ but you can do what you want with that. solo is really well written. sounds awesome. vocal line is cool, but it seemed too low. I'll admit most of mine are that low too since I have a low voice but this "happy" sounding song would sound much better with vocals an octave higher I like the measure before chorus a lot too. nice transition there.

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It's pretty good.

I like the intro part and the way you bring everything in, it's a great start to the song. The initial riff sounds really cool and you've got a great bassline.

Unlike Its Rock77, I really don't care for the bar before the chorus. It's a cool idea, but it's missing something, and right now to me it feels like it's breaking the flow of the song.

The chorus is cool, but it sounds strange in GP. I can see it actually being quite nice in an actual recording.

The bridge also needs something else going on. It doesn't really feel like a bridge so much as a pause.

The solo is great.

The ending could be built up a little stronger, especially if there's going to be screaming involved. Maybe stop the harmonics with the lead guitar and have it playing the chords too or something?

Bass was great
Drums worked well
Intro was excellent
Chorus and break could use a little work.

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