Im looking for a good(or decent for these prices) acoustic, or preferably an electric/acoustic between 100-200$. ive been looking at some Ibanez's.
lemme know please and thank you!
for 100-200 i would NOT recommend getting an electro-acoustic. for that price you will bascially be paying for the electronics alone pretty much...if you could bum pit up say aorund 500 you could ge a decent electro acoustic.
^-- agreed. for $200 i only know of one decent acoustic guitar... and no acoustic-electric guitars. the yamaha fg700s is the acoustic guitar i speak of.

if you can't go any higher than $200 and you absolutely have to have an acoustic-electric, i would probably buy an epiphone. but seriously, it's not going to be a very good guitar.
No electro ascoustic at $100-$200 like others said.

I have this Washburn D10N here, which runs for like $200. Have a listen in my profile.

Anyway I don't think D10N are easy to find but there is the D10S now which is basically the same! Just ask if you need more help.
I would recommend the yamaha over the washburn d10. I own a D10, and I only use it for slide. I've played a few yamaha fg700's and I've liked them all better than my washburn.
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yeahh 200 would be my limit for now, cause i need to get other stuff (pedals, cables, etc.)
thanks for the input guys!
looks like i'll have to try a few of these suggestions and see which ones i like.