Why hello there.

I'm Bubbles, a multi-instrumentalist and general fun-haver, if you will. I write music and record every part myself. The instruments I utilize are guitar (with octave pedal for bass), keyboard (synthesizer and MIDI drums), mandolin, and my vocal chords.

So here I present my recordings:

And please note, I only call myself a guitarist. My vocal and lyrical skills are quite lacking.

Criticize to your heart's content.
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Hey, you've been really patient in waiting for some responses so I will give you one right now, in as much detail as I can muster up.

I really like the lyrics to "Circadia", you've got a nice voice and the entire recording is mixed very well. I can hear everything and nothing is overpowering anything else. Good job!

Listening to "Adrenaline" I immediately say that the drum machine sounds terrible. I think it really detracts from the song overall because electronic drums don't really work for rock music (which is what I would classify this as, at least until the lead part comes in). When the lead part comes in it compliments the electronic drums but overall, it sounds kinda iffy. I really like the change at around 2:20 - it sounds real good.

"The Cycle" was pretty good. It was pretty groovy, as a matter of fact and everything blended well. The bass or whatever that is is pretty epic sounding.

I'm getting tired now though, and you've got quite a few tunes on your page so I'll check some more out tomorrow. For now, farewell.

EDIT: Alrightie, I'm back and am currently listening to "New Life Underground" and I must admit that the sound of MIDI drums is almost growing on me. I like the guitar line in this tune, and the drums sound decent.

I really like the way that "Dream" sounds until the drumming comes in. I think that if you played this on a piano or something with vocals it could sound really cool. However, as it is now the drums and bass have a nice groove together, and then it sounds awesome when it break into that other thing in the later half with the guitar solo. That sounds really good there.

The drums in "Escape" sound really good, and that's a really catchy lick you've got going too. The keyboard sounds great too. Everything you do is mixed really, really well. I think your tunes would sound really cool if you added some vocal parts to them.

I don't really like the drumming in "Welcome to Tomorrow", but the bass sounds great and vocals sound good too. I think you should turn the vocals up a tad though. Other than that, this is an extremely catchy tune.

"Retrospect" opens with a pretty groovy lick but when everything comes in it sounds pretty messy, everything is half blended and half not blended creating something that sounds kinda off. The chorusey part sounds a lot better, and everything is together really well.

I like the guitar line that opens "Wooden Socks" and I like the vocals once again. I assume the guitar is double tracked here? It sounds kind of off or out of time at some points. If you fix that I think it would sound better (unless the idea was to be slightly off, then that's cool).

I didn't bother listening to The Eagles cover - I usually stick to commenting on original songs only to help people with their original songwriting and such. Also, I'm not a big fan of The Eagles so I don't want to start comparing the two versions (though I am sure there are more than two versions).

Overall I think that you've got some really catchy tunes and I would recommend adding some vocals into some of the ones that don't have them. If you're doing a catchy tune with MIDI drums experiment with some nice synthy keyboard leads - I think it could turn out really well. Pretty good catchy stuff here, I like.
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Thanks a bunch for the comments... you're right, 80+ views with no responses is on the verge of ridiculous.

Anyway, your main point seems to be that my drum parts are bad... and generally, I agree, but I don't have a drum set. MIDI is the best I can do. In case you're actually wondering enough to come back to this thread, I recorded one guitar part for Wooden Socks that wasn't going to actually be used, but when I recorded it over again I acccidentally didn't mute it... so I decided to put them on different speakers and let 'em fight it out. I thought it sounded interesting.

Thanks again for your infamous huge response, I've already gotten you back for it.
I know you have, and thank you for that.

Just so you know, I think the drum parts are well written, but they just sound bad due to it being MIDI. There's nothing wrong with that though - I won't dock away any points because I know most people can't afford real drums (myself included). Also, I thought the guitar part in Wooden Stocks sounded pretty interesting too - I was just pointing it out just in case you meant it to sound differently.

Also, I was unaware that my responses were "infamous".

in·fa·mous (in?f?-m?s) adjective

1. Having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious.
2. Causing or deserving infamy; heinous: an infamous deed.
3. Law. a. Punishable by severe measures, such as death, long imprisonment, or loss of civil rights. b. Convicted of a crime, such as treason or felony, that carries such a punishment.

I think maybe I meant to say famous... yeeeeeah... o.O
I knew exactly what infamous meant, but I still don't think my response style deserves to be called "famous" either. Regardless, I think your thread needs some more people to check it out because you do have some great tunes.

Let me know when you've got some new tunes up and I'll be sure to check them out, alright?
Hey, thanks for the comment on mine.

Just to say you've got some good stuff going on here, some of the riffs are very catchy, and if you could get some more vocals up from yourself or somebody else (you have a reasonable voice) then it would make them a lot more interesting.

the drum machine leaves a bit to be desired, but i really like the guitar and synths and i'll definitely check back every once in a while to see how things are progressing

good work!
Alright, so hearing the intro to "Ever Waiting" sounds hilarious. Whatever that effect is sounds terrific in a humourous way. After the first ten or seconds my ear got used to that warbly sound which made me laugh at first.

The lead lines could be better, but for being improvised it sounds pretty good. The chord progression sounds weird, but that's probably just the effects. I like when the bass picks up around 1:38. The second solo sounds pretty good overall - I like the guitar tone.

I like this tune. It seems kind of stripped down - it could have more substance, but as it stands it sounds pretty good anyways. I liked it and am interested in hearing some more experimental things from you.

EDIT: I too have a new tune up. It's called "Untitled 2", so if you've got time check it out. I also redid Timid and Gumdrop Sailboats and I believe that my voice and guitar a mixed much better.
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Thanks, both of you. My "reasonable voice" and "hilarious intros" are always glad to see some feedback.

Speaking of which, 215 views and 3 people have posted? Perhaps people look at my thread and then are attacked by velociraptors? I don't know, but it doesn't make much sense to me. If you give me a reasonably-detailed review, I will give you one in return (assuming I'm not eaten by a velociraptor).