So im going to be getting a black jazz bass soon from a local store and im going to get a differant pick guard to replace the ugly tortoise shell one that it comes with.
Im going to order from this site http://www.pickguards.com/colors.htm
And i was wondering if you could tell me what would look best on black from these choices: Smoke mirror, Black Anodized, Clear or for somthing differant, Black and silver paisley, or maybe chrome.

Also I remember that on my uncles strat, that there were wires and such attached to the guard. Is there some kinda of tutorial to replace a pick guard?

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The black and silver paisley looks like it would be quite fly. That or the black andonized.

Personally, I'd go with a white pearloid guard. 'Cause every p'guarded bass looks better with a white pearloid guard.

Every bass.

Someone more educated could give you more info on the guard.
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Mmm the P&S paisley does look awsome. Still looking for an awnser for the 2nd question though.
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