But dont know what to do with it, Im still a beginner but have most of the basics down, how would I use a metronome to help me practice, any specific exercises?
take a scale, or riff in a song u cant play, or just anything u play, and play it with the metronome at a slow pace. then when u have it down perfect, up the tempo 2 or 3 clicks, and just do that until u get playing at the desired bpm.
scales and do quarter and eighth notes to start off in different bpm's. You can take chords and mix up strumming patterns to play to the metronome. Also play to backing tracks, so when you get in a band you'll be ready
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but how do I practice rhytim is i guess what I dont get, how do I relate the clicks to my playing.
its exactly what a drum does it keeps the rhythm, dont think of it as like background music its like foot patting or clapping or something to keep rhythm