Driving along a wartorn road
desolate and void of life
i was stopped by a man with his head bowed low
who said he had a story to tell


He told me a story of love and hope
and a life that no longer was
he told me a story of death and fear
and the life that now was

that old man turned out to be
the chief of a people u could no longer see
he sat beside me,
looked me in the eye
he told me "son im about to die"
with his dying breath he asked me to tell
the world his story from living hell


I wondered the world for many years
telling a story of love and death
i wondered the world for many years
telling a story of hopes and fears

I traveled the world for many years
keeping his deathwish alive
untill i knew my time had come
so i prepared myself to die
one day to my horror i awoke and saw
the evil that i talked about for so long
they burned and pillaged, slaughtered and killed
and i was the only soul of whom they spared


for many weeks i wondered why
it was my soul who they kept alive
then one day a young man came
so i stopped him with head bowed low
i asked him to stay and not to go
i sat beside him and looked in his eyes
and told him "son i need to find
one who will tell the story of two old men
who's lives were spared, instead of younger kin

Chorous (use I instead of he)