I've got a crate v18, and I plan on changing the speaker. Play mostly Blues(Mostly stuff like SRV), Classic rock like Nugent, Jouryney, ZZ top, Zeppelin, and 80's stuff from Bon Jovi to Van Halen to Def Leppard, and Skid Row, Steelheart, Nightranger, Winger, etc. I also love the Darkness's guitar sound. of course, I'll get the more distorted and 80's stuff with a pedal. I kinda like that britishy sound with my amp. As for cleans, if I can dial in a good clean, I'm happy. Hope I'm not looking for some dream speaker, although i think that's the way i am with everything. Any suggestions?
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what is hair metal?


Anyways, go to the ultimate speaker thread.
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Woopsy, missed that. thanks.
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what is hair metal?