I just tried an RR3 and I loved it. Except I'd prefer 24 frets and to lose that weird pickguard. SO I checked the Jackson site and they have the KV2 King V but it's $2000

Do you think they will produce a pro series for the King V? Kinda like how the DK2m is the pro series of the SL2H? I'm aware of the Demolition but I hate the extra spikes and it;s alos more expensive.
i know what your saying man. i wouldn't mind paying like 800-1000 for a king v with a floyd rose that isn't total crap. i wouldn't mind a bolt on but a neck thru would be cool. there is too much of a price gap with their king v series guitars
Look used. You can find used USA Jacksons for around $1000 if you wait for one. Otherwise, your best bet is going to be to wait for the KV5 import.

That blue guitar the now discontinued KV4 import IIRC.
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Kvx10 ????

I would consider that a low end model. People say the trem is crap and it only has duncan designed pickups.

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Look used. Otherwise, your best bet is going to be to wait for the KV5 import.

So is that gonna be like a pro series V with real duncans and a JT580 trem like on the dinkies?

I won't mind waiting at all
Nah, the KV5 is going to be a hardtail if i'm not mistaken.
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