after i got my strings changed, whenever i played there is this black dust/gunk that's goes on my fingers. is that because they're nickle-plated? or what??
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it's probably rust or all the **** from your sweat and dead skin. after you finish playing you should wipe down your strings with a dry towel.

Pretty much.
oh i just read that i need to change my strings when there's black crap on/under your strings. do i really have to change my strings again?
Are they Ernie Balls? Those are notorious for rusting fast.

You can keep them for longer if you feel like it, just get a cloth and wipe it whenever about or after playing.
You don't HAVE to, but to me it feels like sh!t so I either wipe the strings with Fast Fret or change them.
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Strings are $10, its not like changing strings is hard anyway.
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sweat and dead skin. and it can erode the strings. i solve this problem by changing strings often.
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