tomorrow, i'm going to stay at home for all day, as my plans got cancelled

not only that, but i'm going to be at home all alone, (my parents and sister are at work)

my gf and basically all my friends are out or on vacation or w/e.

so im essentially at home for 9 hours all by myself with nobody to talk to.

Is it normal that i'm feeling incredibly depressed like i'm goign to kill myself or something, and like i'm going to go insane tomorrow?
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You're awesome, dude.
Uh, stop being a pussy.

Seriously. 9 hours?! :-/
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youre being a puss. stop complaining when you have nothing to complain about
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
No, you're just too attached to your mother or some ****.
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No. That isn't really normal. o.o

Use the time to your advantage.
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It's not really that bad, but you should learn how to entertain yourself. What happens when you get your own place? party and attention 24/7?
I would cherish 9 hours alone.
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thats a good 9 hours of masturbation man, gotta look on the bright side of things

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that doesn't sound so bad i just spent 5 hours today watching a diff'rent strokes marathon
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play guitar for 9 hrs man!!!! blast that amp up to 20!!!

O: Only 20?
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Nice, I'd love some time to myself.
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i have 4 hours alone everynight at my house during school because my dad has to work. all school year. suck it up.
Remember kid its down the road not across the street, damn emo kids sad that they are alone for 9 hours. Put on some crappy fall out boy or some s**t and cry yourself to sleep.
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O: Only 20?

ur rite man. my bad. blast that **** to a ****in 100!!!!
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I would cherish 9 hours alone.

Nine straight hours of Marijuana, playing guitar, masturbation, eating, drinking, biking, watching movies, and more weed.

**** TS, you're a lucky bastard; you're a little pussy if you're feeling depressed. Get relaxing now and maybe learn a little about yourself in the process.
How bout you better yourself and learn something on guitar instead of being a whiney bitch over 9 hours.
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Sounds like you'll struggle when your parents make you find your own place

that or you'll just hide in the garage

enjoy alone time


walk around nude

go through other peoples stuff

break all rules set by other people in your house
dude, you're 14.....

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Ugh you're the guy with the blueballs thread.

Bugger off.

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Lucky bastard.

I'm stuck in a small APARTMENT with two brothers and sisters that scream day and night.

I would love and cherish nine hours alone.
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Ugh you're the guy with the blueballs thread.

Bugger off.


lol you tell him girl *in a camp pro women attitude voice*

but seriously fapping 9 hours straight.. get some great endurance!
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