So i posted a few days ago about what amp I should get. well i got a Randall rg75 used for $140. i figured 140 bucks sounds great for a 75 watt. So far so good, i like the inputs for pedals and send/recieve all that. just wonderin what your guys experiences are with this amp or opinions on it. no i didnt get the g3 by the way. mines a little older model. I have heard that people get a burning smell sometimes with high bass distortion- I have noticed that slightly i supose. i wonder if i can turn it up to ten without problems.
I've cranked that one to about 6, sounds pretty good, but its a bit bass heavy, no matter where i turned my bass knob. I really liked the cleans it gave though.
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Good Amp, i can ushually turn my volume up to betweeen 6 and 8, after that it's a litttle too much bass. I paid about $200 for mine used, the only problem I have had with it so far is that my toggle switch for my clean and distortion channels has gone out on me, i think wires might need soldered or just a whole switch replacement. But other than that experience ive had with it has been a great! just be careful with the switches.