Hey guys whats up?
The names Taylor, and I love punk, alt, and soft rock, with a little hard rock as well.
I am getting better at guitar everyday, and I play piano with these two tools I have called ears. I also write music in my spare time (usually at midnight or later).
I,ve been using this site for learning for quite some time and decided to register.
So hello =]
Hey man, welcome to UG!
there is actually a thread for introductions here

i would post there, as this thread will most likely be closed

Hello Taylor!
Welcome to UG

We're glad to have you with us and we hope that you have a great time on UG. Be sure to read the rules and FAQ to avoid confusion and keep the forums as clean as possible.

If you don't quite understand something or have a question that needs to be answered, you're more than welcome to send me a message and I will gladly help you out. I know my way around UG pretty well and could also help with some guitar related questions you may have.
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