I use monster gold cables for my guitar and i have heard from some people that the monster jack is slightly bigger then standard jacks and therefore it ruins your input to your guitar. Is this true or is this just a myth and if it is true what cables do you guys recomend i use?
uh, im pretty sure its untrue, seeing as how ive been using those same cables since christmas and i havent had a problem with them. they'll change your sound slightly, but nothing really different. and theyre reliable.
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I would say its a myth, but I really do nto know
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well, one of my best friends who is a bassist had this problem. granted he is using a washburn 6 string, the monster jack screwed up his input jack....but it could have just been his washburn's jack that was too small. but a very WELL established local and nationwide luthier told us that this was, infact, true.
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