I'm REALLY gassing for an Alexi Sig and am wondering if this is a good upgrade from my Ibanez. I plan on changing the P-up to either an X2N or EMG 81 but thats not important. Would this guitar be worth it?
word to the wise, try to avoid all ltd's bellow the 400's.
It's not going to have a good quality to it and it's trem won't last to long. But I think the player should decide.
Ghold125 is right, basically all LTD's under 400 are pretty bad.
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the LTD 200 series is very nice and the alexi one seams to be at a good price and up about a level from the other 200 series guitars for the same price so i say go for it!

i say this because of the basswood body and the floyed on it is not usually what you find on other 200 series models. it is the exact same scale as the "real" alexi guitar so if you can work some magic with action you can make it at least "feel" like the real thing

but it is NOT the alexi 600 and NOT the ESP alexi so dont expect this to be the last guitar you will ever buy.

first thing first is buy new pickups.

EMG 81s are good. but it is not alexi's setup so it wont be 100% the same. he uses the EMG HZ pickup and puts an EMG afterburner on it.

lately i hear he has been experimenting with duncans wich sucks because i REALLY liked his sound before... alot .. and if it aint broke dont fix it.

granted the dduncans are actives now instead of the passive HZs wich are crap on most guitars but somehow it worked for him.
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He did have some sweet tone...I'm not trying to duplicate his rig, though that would be awesome. I have an X2N in my Ibanez but thats also basswood and the X2N is incredibly trebley in there. So It might change in an Alexi but I'm not really thinkin' it will. SO thats where the EMG comes in.
but it's so expensive...

What would be a good guitar within the $400-500 range for Progressive/Tech/Death Metal?
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i don't think the alexi 200 is a bad guitar at all...the only thing about it that bothers me is that it just has a single pup .... which kinda feels weird... however i guess it works for him....
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if you do get the alexi 200 I would advise you to upgrade the trem because i have owned mmy alexi 200 for about three months and were my hand sits while palm muting has worn away the finish to the copper/ orange under coating but other than that, i've really had no trouble with it and just go test it out and see if you like it.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again.

The Alexi 200 is a pile of crap. Save up for the 600. You get what you pay for.

If you are unwilling to, or unable to, the Jackson RR3 (thanks to the dude above) would be the next best thing if you want that particular body shape.
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