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--x---x--x--x--x----------------------14----14--12--14 14---------

These are a couple parts from the beginning of Machine Gun by Hendrix, I'm having great difficulty figuring out how to position the left hand, hehe. I'd really appreciate any help with left hand finger positions on all of this.
ok you have to practice muting with your playing hand, may take some time
for the chord that goes: 12,x,x,12... i would do this:

12-play with middle/ring
x-mute with index
x-mute with index
12-play with index

and for the chord that goes: 0,0,x,14,x,12...i would do this:

0-play open
0-play open
x-mute with ring/pinky
14-play with ring/pinky
x-mute with index
12-play with index

using these examples, im sure you can figure out how to do the rest
there are also other methods, but i like this one the best, but you have to practice

hope this helped some

Thanks so much AeroRocker, that's fantastic! I really have to practice the muting, this is fairly difficult for me. Really appreciate that
Hendrix also tended to fret root notes with his thumb (he had really long fingers) so a lot of those chords, that root should be played with the thumb
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