Yea, hey everyone. Okay... what I can't really figure out is... can it do heavy metal/ metal core/ dearth metal? I'm looking for something that can do Metalcore, Deathcore, Grind, and Heavy Rock. I'm talking about the more scooped and heavy-as-f*#& tones that you get from bands like Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, All That Remains, As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish, August Burns Red, Bloodjinn, Darkest Hour, Demon Hunter, It Dies Today... Can it do this stuf?
Any other sugestions for amps would be greatly appreciated. You guys know what I play, my buget is up to $850

Thanks to everyone who replies!
With that budget, I think you could afford the real deal i.e. a Peavey 5150/6505. But yes, I'm sure the Bugera would be able to handle those types of music. Best to try it out yourself though.
He could probably actually get a hold of a Recto for that price.
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I really like the 6505(although I have yet to try it) but has anyone actually tried the bugera 6260 and the peavey 6505? which had the better, heavier tone?
The Bugera is basically a Peavey copy. Better is subjective, some say it only gets 80% there, others now use the Peavey as a backup.
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Alright well, before I say anything else, I'll put out there that I've seen a good number of people having problems with these amps. Things with the amp not working after only a short bit of time. I'm not sure what models they were, but I think it'd be something to look into before you have your mind set on buying a Bugera.
Other than that, for $850 you can get a pretty good number of amps, so that may be something to look into as well. As said previously in this thread, you should probably try checking out the Peavey 6505, Mesa Single Rec and possibly a used 5150 if you can find one. Those 3 amps would probably be your best bet, they're reliable, and I found each one to have great tone.
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He could probably actually get a hold of a Recto for that price.

I dunno about a recto, but definitely a Rect-O-Verb combo, 5150/6505, Carvin V3, or maybe even a used ENGL Fireball. Just check out craigslist, used sections of stores, and eBay.
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