This is kind of an interesting story so here it goes...

After my band broke up a while ago i stopped talking to most of the members including our singer. I still have the singer on my myspace, but i just never really talked to him. Anyway the other day he posts a bulletin on myspace selling what looks like ALL of his rock and metal **** (like 20 shirts, a bunch of hats, posters, bandanas etc). I told him id pay $20 for a maiden and skynyrd hat, and a sabbath and led zep poster. So finally he agrees but he wants to come over my house now, 1:30 in the morning, to pick up the 20 dollars. I told him i had summer school in the morning so i could stop by his house or w/e after wards but he wanted the money now.

Im thinking, what are the chances that this money is going to go towards drugs? the only reason i know him is because we were in the same band together so hes not really a good friend but still. Hes selling all of his rock stuff for money that he needs this second?... Am i just over thinking or should i be a little edgy? Either way hes coming over now, and i just feel a little awkward giving him money that idk what hes using it for
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The principle eventually caught up to him and gave him a drug test.
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$20 is a good deal. Take the stuff.

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But seriously, do it. The posters will be worth it. I'm not a hat man myself. My hair is incredibly massive and bushy.
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As a Canadian, I can honestly tell you most people are smarter than him.
You can trust that there not dangerous drugs cause he'd need more than twenty dollars!
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Why do you care what it is for? Not to sound like a dick but its not your business. He doesnt care what your going to do with the gear he's selling to you.