Yet I haven't learned many songs. I usually play about 2-3 hours a day. The only songs I have learned are an electric version of Greensleeves, Zakk Wylde's Star Spangled Banner, and America the Beautiful. Basically I can play okay and accurately just can't solo. Can anyone tell me my problem?
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you need to push yourself to learn things you cant do, for instance learn some solos that you cannot play very well right now (For example: fade to black, stairway to heaven, hotel california), and work on them. You have to constantly be learning new stuff, you do not advance much by practicing the same stuff.
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I have been playing since around June 2007. I just study scales all the time and try to be really accurate and fast.
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I have been playing since around June 2007. I just study scales all the time and try to be really accurate and fast.

Stop doing that for a start - that's not going to benefit you at all.

Scales are something to use, not something to play...if you focus too much on playing them up and down then that's all you'll do which isn't all that great to listen too. Likewise speed isn't important, your ability to play musically and accurately is though.

Basically, stop practicing and start playing - there's no "guitar olympics" yet so there's no point overdoing the exercises. People want to hear you play music, and I'm assuming that's also what prompted you to pick the guitar up in the first place so stop learning things and instead start putting the things you've already learned to some practical use.

Also, if really only learned those 3 songs then you're going to have to start at the beginning, as in simple, chord based songs. The reason? It's highly likely that there's some gaping holes in your knowledge - you've been playing scales but how well do you understand them? Likewise do you have a working knowledge of basic chord construction or at least a decent chord vocabulary to draw on. Gong back to basics with the songs you learn will allow you to identify and fill any gaps. If, for example, you try to play Bad Moon Rising and you find you're struggling with the chord changes and maintaining the rhythm with you're right hand then you pretty much need to go right back to square one.
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