Mmm..busted this one out in like 30 min once again =/. Second song I've ever written. Tell meh what you think.

Verse 1:
I thought it would work this time.
I never should have lied.
Gone too far,
Way too long.
Need to put an end,
To it all.

I said yes,
You said no,
I said, let it flow.
I said no,
You said yes,
After all this,
I'm going deaf.

Verse 2:
It's been a roller coaster,
Of all our needs.
There's been some highs,
Been some lows.
But mostly,
We don't show.


Verse 3:
We both understand,
That we cannot make a stand.
This has to end,
Before someone
Drops to the ground dead.
hey man thats pretty alright. keep it up

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pretty nice man. the chorus could've used a bit more variety, IMHO. But overall, it really was good
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