Me and my buddies need something to do during the summer, during the day or night or whatever. We all have jobs and everything, but there's still a lot of downtime. We picked up Urban Golf, which is fun, but we can't only play that when we get bored. Any ideas?
That picture of cocaine came startingly quick. Rooftop frisbee, for the win.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


My love for you
Is like a truck

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Fred Durst is the Tom Green of music

No, some people actually like Tom Green.

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I can't see Jimi approving of this.

Me neither, due to him not being alive and all.
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Naked wrestling. All the cool kids are doing it.

I second this
It's like Superman reading the teachings of Jesus. The two greatest musicians on Earth hath combined forces. I officially quit music, as it has reached it's zenith with that cover.

Rooftop Frisbee.
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You are amazing.

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^^yay photoshop...you made me lol all over myself
go muddin
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haha you said shlong. that means penis. haha your hair is like a penis. penis-hair!

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I once strummed so hard the earth cracked in two and satan rose from the firey pits of hell and marveled in my glorious strumming abilities. True story.
Start a band.

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Warned for trolling!

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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It's not a fox,it's a wolf.
Circle jerk?

Go to bars and get some bar sluts?

Do some urban exploration
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Bit of expensive activity, but you're thinking.

Yeah, coke is quite an expensive drug. If stimulants are your thing then Pharmaceutical Amphetamine would be the most cost effective option.