So the other day i bought the original Vox tonelab which is more of a desktop unit rather than a stomp box of any sort. currently my only amp is a solid state Fender eighty-five which ive gotten sick of quite quickly. ive found that by turning down the EQ on the fender and turning everything up on the vox, which is tube powered, the sound produced is worlds better. in effect it is acting as the preamp, making it in to a hybrid amp of sorts.

i guess im wondering if theres anyway to completely disable the preamp in my fender rather than just turning the bass/middle/treble down.

thanks alot
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Get a Marshall Shredmaster hooked up through that amp and you'll be just like Jonny Greenwood!

But in all seriousness if your Fender has an effects loop plug your Tonelab in through the effects return jack.
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thanks, tried it and it sounds pretty good. dont know why i didnt think of that before