aight fellaz so who do you think is better a.s.p. or the faceless? answer the friggin question and DONT choose any other bands instead.
All Shall Perish
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You should pick up an acoustic guitar and play stairway to heaven over and over and over again. Thats what I did once. Only I stopped after 2 hours and masturbated furiously.
I like your thinking, but pointless thread.
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They're not talking about hardcore punk, they're talking about "hardcore." It has little in common with its roots in the '80s.

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when i ask questions. people reply with a stupid green smiley face sign

Heres lookin to you
blame it on how bored i am right now...... its cause i cant play as blood runs black for **** right now so yea.
WTF!?!?! how much bullsiht am i gonna take today? i signed up just barely and im already taking crap from you guys.
oh well idk why i even signed up for this. make the best of it and get banned i suppose. screee scree bwree. f*ck it.
read and understand the rules before you post anything. lurk the boards, and post a few times before you start threads. its really not that hard of a concept.
a question to the threadstarter. what difference will it make if one is scientifically proven to be "better" than the other. would you like that one more? cant you not think for yourself which band do you prefer? and why cant you just like both?