It's Beyond the Dunes by Peppino D'Agostino. No one has ever recorded it on video and uploaded it online ANYWHERE, except me, cept the first one did not have sound. This time I finally got it online WITH sound.

Ok anyways... I was wondering. Could someone PLEASE for the love of God tab this out? I've been wanting to learn how to play this song since 2 years ago, before I was even good at guitar at all. All I can say is that it's in DADGAD tuning and that the intro chord progression is like mostly open strings cept two, I think.

If someone could please at least tab the intro and tell me HOW he's playing it, that'd be awesome. I can't tell if he's like strumming with his thumb and doing something with the treble strings, or what, cuz whatever I'm trying I can't even get that type of sound to come out, whatever he's doing. PLEEAAASE, I've been wanting to learn to play this for nearly 2 years now.

And just incase the video isn't enough, since it cuts out after like 3 minutes, the FULL song is in www.myspace.com/pdagostino in the playlist

But yea hopefully watching and listening to the video is enough to at least tab out the intro chords and then that one part where he's doing a few of those bar chords and stuff. If you can tab out the entire acoustic part, I'd especially be in love with you.