i'm going to college this fall and i need to buy a computor, so what would be the better choice?

i know a few pros/cons of each
pros-compact and movable
cons-easier to drop, break, or get stolen, less memory

pros-more memory
cons-not movable, takes up more room

so pit, what should i do?
if i get a laptop, i might buy some kind of external hardrive for it.
for college i suggest a laptop. its convenient to take with you to class, or around campus. most colleges have some sort of wifi network, so you should have easy internet access all over campus. i bought one, and i dont regret it one bit.
I got a new laptop yesterday So far I prefer it to the PC, as it's, as you say, portable and personal. Can you use your laptop in lessons?

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laptop + 160gb external harddrive and you are set
laptops help alot more in college because most people use them in class now to take notes because more people are better at typing nowadays
im starting college in the fall and im ordering my laptops in a few weeks
oh and get one with a finger scanner those things help
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Trust me, Get a laptop. In my opinion, and if you're willing to spend a little extra, go with a MacBook. I used to be an avid PC user until I started editing film, sound and music. Macs are perfect for multimedia functions, including Music editing.
Laptop, that way if u got like some assignment to do in computer you can just do it anywhere (with a lapse of about3 hours or a conection lol)
if it just for "work" get a laptop, but if you want to screw around on it play games and edit music (you're on a guitar website duh) I would go for the PC, but nothing too expensive
Don't get a cheapo laptop. You want one with great battery and performance. I would suggest an alienware, if you can afford it. A laptop is a good investment for college, but Don't skimp.
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