I'm Andrea, I'm an italian guitarist, or better, I try to play guitar
I will be in USA during this summer, and I would like to buy an acoustic guitar.
I like Martin guitars, so, I hope to found one of this brand.
My budget is 1500 US $, but I don't know where are some good "Guitar shop": my trip will be across California and Nevada (L.A. , San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and other cities...), so if you will inform me where are some good and convenient (affordable price) Guitar Shop, I offer thanks to all!
So, Thanks in advance!

ps: I looking for Martin, but Taylor are welcome too...
SAMASH the musical insrument megastore!

go to samash.com or call 1-800-4-SAMASH for a store location near you!
i'd recommend samash or guitar center in general. most big cities have at least one of these two stores and they carry lots and lots of acoustics. they have a price guarantee so you typically get a good price also.

i got my 314ce off there for $1000 (instead of normal $1600)
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