Alright, so I've been playing guitar for almost 2 years. I know how to do chords and how to switch easily. I know how to strum and pick. I know how to note bend and all that type of stuff. I pretty much know how to do all the basic and intermediate types of techniques for the guitar.

I would absolutely love to play some tabs, but the computer is in the family room, so I can't bring my guitar down to play in front of the computer - as well, I can't print, because my printer is dead and my family doesn't want to buy a new one.

I'm saving up for an electric, so don't suggest anything of that matter to me, but that'll be buy September, is when I expect to get all the money.

The question I have for you is... what should I do? I mean, I love to play guitar! I absolutely do. The thing is... I'm bored! I've got not much to do, because I can't really learn any songs from tabs... so I just play the same old 3 different songs I know off by heart on my acoustic. But I want to know more than that!

Can anyone help me out? What would you suggest me doing while I don't have any tabs to play or any techniques to try out? Is there some extremely advanced techniques I should try out? Is there other things I should do just to stay interest in guitar??? Guys help, please!
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um...scales? modes? arpeggios? i'm learning sweep picking right now, that's fun.
You've been playing 2 years and know only 3 songs..... grab a cd put it on and try to play along till you get it right
Buy some books? learn theory? Write some song of your own?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Whoa... I never even thought about the whole bring a notebook down and write it idea. Luckily I have an empty notebook I'll use. Thanks!

And today I'll go over to the library and the guitar store and see if I can get some tabs.

Thanks everyone! I'm dumb.
I will soon perish from this lethal injection called love.
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Thanks everyone! I'm dumb.

No arguments here.
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