So I tried to sunburst my strat but the basswood really sucks with staining

So ive decided to do the fabric thing, heres the 2 fabrics that Ive narrowed it down to

I also have fabric of a bunch of chili peppers, water, straw huts, skateboard, dragon but I think i like either the mech or the pyramid thing best. If I have time tomorow Ill make more mock ups of the other fabrics that I thought of using

What do you guys think out of those two? I like the orange cuz its similar to a normal sunburst that I was planning on doing, but the mech thing looks pretty sweet :/
heres some other fabrics. Btw the from what Ive heard theres more positives than negatives about the fabric application and tone so Hopefully it is

I like the one with the red peppers. the third pic going up^
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so I ended up going with the mech thing. Do you guys think I should change the colors of the pickups, knobs or pickguard? I cant decide if I like the black and white. I tried photoshopping, light blue and red pups but they just looked funky