my band Our Escape, has recently finished and put our 6 track EP up for download for free on myspace.

were abit like the 90's skate punk bands from fat & epitaph records. kind of like pulley, strung out, no use for a name, lagwagon etc

wed appreciate it if you could give us a listen, and if you like it feel free to download them, add us and leave us some comments!



Just listened to it all, you're incredible. Every instrument is played exceptionally well, and the songs are well-written... but I have one complaint. You use TONS of pick slides. They're a good transition, but overusing them gets a bit annoying. Anyway, keep it up and the likes.
You guys are incredible
Coming from me, aimed towards a pop punky band, thats a ****ing huge compliment
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Help me out guise!!1!
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cheers dude

anyone else?
any feedback would be awesome!

i think ive seen you guys live, korova wasnt it?
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I absolutely love it, everything is so tight and played really well. I added your band on my band's myspace. If your ever down south we should try and sort something out because it would be incredible to play with you lot.

Keep up the good work!

dude your band kicks ass.
i think the vocals tend to drown a little bit in the music so if they we're a bit louder or stood out a bit now that'd be good.
but yeah apart from that it's pretty solid stuff i like i like.
Just confirmed we will be the main support for Hifi Handgrenades on september 8th in Liverpool barfly.

should be an awesome gig, hifi handgrenades have just got back from touring japan with the foofighters and there drummer used to be in skacore legends the suicide machines.

basically i dont know if theres anyone local whos going to see this, but we have a guestlist that gets a couple of quid off entry so if your interested in that message our myspace and well hook you up!