I'm going to be going to the us in the summer, and since the exchange rate is so good I thought I might buy some guitar stuff. What I'm looking to do is make my sound more metal, right now I play 2 different guitars, neither of them conceived for metal, through a Marshall DSL401. I'm going to have up to $800 to spend, what equipment/guitars could you recommend?
Buy a nice ibanez while over there. Shouldnt have to pay anything trough customs... i dont think anyway. You could take a hardcase over there with you (so its recorded on yr flight or whatever) and then put the guitar in the case for the way back.

Say you brought it with you.
Okay, having seen that you're only allowed to bring $200 worth of extra goods I was thinking maybe mailorder the stuff (I live in Germany btw), how much would that add to, say a $750 dollar guitar?