I am 15 years old and a guitarist and i'm in a band at the moment and its really not working out. We have an amazing drummer and our bassist is alright but our singer isnt very good. The problem is everyone in the band doesnt want to do any work in that they all just mess around playing their instruments on their own when we try to practice and coz im the only person in the band who wants to write songs and do work they think that im selfish, running the band and telling everyone what to do and they just arent doing anything really. Also the musical style of people in the band differ greatly in that everyone else wants a keyboardist in the band but that guy only plays classical stuff so everything he comes out with sounds like a piano song and i dislike it. I want a rock band really. I want to quit and join a band who values being in a band as much as i do but the problem is, i dont know ANY other bass players i know of NO good singers and there are no drummers... I dont know how to join any bands it seems like music is totally abholished where I live. I cant find any musicians.

Im asking how to find a band to be in because i know that deffinitly at my school there is no one who could play anything.

Also am i being too harsh on my band? I asked everyone in the band to learn sweet child of mine and no one objected but now the drummer started having a go at me for telling him what to do coz he doesnt like the song and said that everyone has to do what I say even though if he said he didnt like the song when I asked them to learn it I would have said dont worry about it and moved on. I feel like im being conspired against...
They're assholes. A band isn't working like that. You have to have a frontman, and if I got it right, in this case it's you, and you have to guide them what to do. It is a problem that your styles differ, everything should've been stated back then when you formed the band. If you can, quit that band and join an another one, where your bandmates will be more mature. BTW, what about learning a favourite song from each of your bandmates? Maybe that would be okay for them.

I'm sorry that I don't live near you. I was in a band, but it broke up. So now I'm looking for another.
Where do you live? and yeh I know what it's like to have an unfocused band lol if they refuse to work then you've gotta leave, go solo or something or just look harder for no musicains.
I really don't know where to look for them really. I do go to a jam night almost every thursday that my guitar teacher organised so i might find some people from there maybe and i live in kent in england. I know we should have sorted out our musical styles before we started but we're all new to this. The other people just want to laze around playing whatever and having fun and i said i want to have fun too but im not just going to waste my time.
from what ive heard about how your band members act, they will never get anything done. You should just leave them. As for your problems finding a new band, you can try online jaming and recording. Its to bad you live in england, im a bassist\singer\guitarist,in a band with another guitarist and drumer, and we could use a second guitarist for when i play bass, but we are in the US.
Tell the band your leaving to start a solo project and find people that actually want to play good in a band
Im having a similiar dilemma dude..............

Our band is nearly 2 years goin now and recently we got our ex-guitarist back to front coz i didnt wanna anymore.

Our problem has always being a bit of extra commitment, you only get out what put in in these scenarios. Basically the band is too worried about individuality than team-spirit, and its understandable with work commitments and stuff. You need a life after all!!!!!

Your only 15 dude, enjoy being in a band and be a bit more patient. It will happen!!!!