I’m tired of going to sleep thinking of the same old things,
Waiting for a call I know will never come
Depicting answers of everything you’ve done,
I dream of a vision of my former self,
Living the falsities I mistook for a reality,
My world collapsed like small stones down a mountain,
Gaining their speed as they wait for my mind to break,
If this is what's left of me then who will save me,
Who will hold my hand, as they shake into a colossal of fear?
I’m cold with tears as I write another note for you that will be disregarded,
Yet I try and I try hoping that this time will be different,
This time will be my time, yet I’m too naive to look at the situation for what it is, I’m scared to lose the hope that I could be with you,
If it’s what we both want then why won’t it happen?
I’m clutching the straws forever picking out the wrong one,
Forever mistaking what I’ve done,
this bottle cures my heartache, rids me from my pain,
Though part of it is my fault, and that’s why I take the blame,
All I ever wanted was something sure and true,
Mislead through a past of injustice of why I was with you,
It was nothing more than a dream,