So last night i got this really weird and interesting dream. It was sorta a House of Leaves like situation.
I was like called in to find this hidden room that had something interesting in it, in this big strange house.
So basically i go in with a bunch of my friends (or team) and i go and speak to the person who called me in. He explains me bout the house n the room and then i proceed to check out the official floor maps of the house. It was a big 3 story house n everything seemed pretty normal. Except for the house has 2 more stories beneath which there were no maps of and there was another thing really strange about the bottom two stories, the rooms didn't add up to make mathematical or physical sense.

So well, we can't really find the way to go into the bottom floor (from the ground on which we were on). So we decide cut a hole in the ground to reveal another room underneath. Well, while the guys were at it cutting the hole, i went to check the maps once again, when i came back, i found the room empty while they had completed cutting the hole and i see to find out my friend in the room beneath. So i call out to him but it looks like he cannot hear me. It also looks like he's trapped cuz he can't seem to open any of the doors to get out of there... So well, i stick my head down below the hole in the floor (which feels like me sticking my head into a different universe) and i called out to him, he now hears me and tells me he can't get out of there... i tell him well, i'll find the way down n open the doors to the room. So i head off to find the find way (which i do) and when i head down, the room seems to be missing from the place where it should have been underneath the room we were working on above. Except there was just an empty hallway... And i go around looking for the room... Then i wake up and am like, hell this was turning pretty interesting!!!

Well, anyway. I quite often get such dreams with quite interesting plots to it. Like even the night before i had a dream where the whole town was taken over by dinosaurs and there were just a few isolated survivors (including) fighting for their life. It was pretty freaky.

SO well, anyone else got any interesting dreams recently which they'ld like to share here...
i'll avoid the details but i have a recurring romantic comedy-time travel paradox dream that ends in an apocalyptic fire
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That oughta do it.

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i had a dream i used the searchbar

i actually did and didn't quite find anything similar...
And search bar jokes and old and not funny anymore.
Also have been starting to smell of faggorty...
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i had a dream i used the searchbar

Didn't see that coming, you almost gave me a heart attack.
I had a dream that I was at school. and everyone did a dance routine to Peter Gabriel's "sledgehammer" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ-CKRi_tlw. There were breakdancing people on fire and everyones moves were in sync. :S Weeeiiiird man.
I've almost finished.
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Has anyone else ever foreseen the future in their dreams? Or am I a big weirdo.
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I had a dream that I was in spain trying to buy some sweets with a two euro coin, but the woman cashier tried to overcharge me, so I left without taking the money. Then I turned round when I realised and she threw a 5 cent coin at me. So I kicked it away in anger.....

To slaughtered: Yeah. That's called deja vu. It's quite common.

I have loads.

Last night there was a patch of grass in town where there's not normally, and me and a few mates were camping there and getting stoned xD
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I had a dream that a girl I liked pushed me off a building and I woke up just before I hit the ground.

I swore than when I woke up I felt like I'd just hit the ground because my whole body shook and ached for days.

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For some reason I dreamt of part of an England vs. Italy football match. Italy had won a corner, and it must have been in the last minutes of the game, because Buffon came up front to stand in the area.

When the ball was crossed over, Buffon headed it up into the air, so it was looping towards the goal. James dived up towards the top corner, but the ball started to go down, so it looked like it was going to go under him. Then, in the most suicidal display of dream goalkeeping ever, James turned himself upside down, and plummeted down head first onto his goal-line, to save the header with his face.

I don't remember what happened after that.
I have this recurring dream I'm getting married to a guy named Renaissance Man. He's dressed in like multi-coloured robes and flip flops. I'm wearing a t-shirt that says KAÏN!.

Then things go blurry and I wake up.
i had a dream that i was fishing with this inuit guy, and his feet were in the water. So were there fishing until i see a muskrat and tell him "hey, look at that little guy" but it dissapered under water before he saw it. But then i see it again behind him, and it turns out this was no normal muskrat, it was ****in undead! So this thing was hald fur and half bones and before the inuit guy got away, he got bitten, so now hes undead. So i start running away and this undead guy has almost got me, until somone helps me up a ledge and then i woke up.

BTW this was just the very ending of my dream, i had some understuff about fishing with these guys who have a fishing show, me and my friends forget lunch and rebelling against a chinese lunch lady, and something about vampire batmans.

And that was my second dream, the first one was way more mystical but i cant remember what happened, something about staying in an ice palace for years and then marrying the chick who i was mad at and ****in her...t'was a good dream!
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I had a dream last night in which i was quite aggressively making out with this girl I like (whom I had my first kiss with on Saturday). I remember it well, and I'm glad.

Good dream, there.

I miss it.