Ok so as a new member I really have started to notice that we cant go around to every ones guitar project thread and and give them tips so here is were we should post tips and tricks on fixing up dings and cracks in your guitar, woops if there is a thread for all this out there but here I go...

so my only tip that I can think of at the moment to properly filling up a crack or ding in the wood is to get all the saw dust siting around and mix it up with some strong glue like the one were you have the two tubes that you mix together. then put the mix into the crack or what ever you filling that way its stays in a little better and you get the color of the wood.
I want to know this;

I have a les paul copy (my fav guitar, putting EMGs in it this week) but the screws that hold on the back plate/plates, are ****ed basically. Not the actual screws, but the wholes in which they are screwed.

If i fill these up with sawdust and glue, and then re-drill, will it hold?
^ Apparently fill the hole 1/3 with baking soda and drop a bit of super glue in, wait till its dry and repeat twice more (untill the holes filled) and re drill the hole

acording to Dan Erlewine

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for your question I dont think it will work, but im sure if you get a bolt for the screw and make the whole big enough to fit it you should be good to go, but i am a noob and I have no idea on this so dont take my word for it let some one else give ther opinion first
To answer your question. NO that will not hold. Absent Mind has it right. That or get some hardware from home depot to make it more snug like a wider head or something. Pic's always help... btw
maybe try drilling it wider and glue a wooden dowel in there nice and snug, then redrill into the dowel.

edit: wait, are u talking about the backplate or the wood that the screw is screwed into? my suggestion is for the wood not the plate .
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An age old trick which I've also used in the past is stick a piece of tooth pick in the hole, then screw the screw into place.It will wedge the toothpick in and thread itself tightly into the body and the toothpick. I did it 15 years ago and it's still holding.
dan erlewine isnt as amazing as he is set out to be. get tooth picks, stick them down i nthe hole, break them off, then put your screw in. maybe a drop of titebond to be safe.

but in his defense, he is a very good luthier, his tips and tricks just arent the best.
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this is a good thread.
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how to you repair a big chunk, such as a head stock, or a horn, if it were to break off?
For a big chunk, I'd glue and clamp. But first make sure that you have two good surfaces with no gaps.
For fixing small dents in your guitar, i've heard you could strip the paint in that area, steam the dent out by putting a wet cloth on the dent and heating it with a soldering iron, sand, and refinish that area...never tried this myself but i've seen it on some websites

anyone know if this works?
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^ I've successfully used a clothing iron and a wet cloth to steam out dents in (unfinished) furniture, but haven't tried on a guitar.