Just a quick song I wrote inspired by my friends ex-gf.

I think it's good for a quick laugh.


Bitch you’re crazy
Get the hell away from me
I don’t need this ****
I just wanna live my life
But you keep calling me
You keep following me around
Just leave me alone
I don’t wanna be seen around you

Bitch you’re crazy
You’re a crazy bitch
Bitch you’re crazy
You’re a crazy bitch

I don’t care about your problems
Stop coming to me for help
I’m not your friend
So stop throwing rocks at my window at night
I’m not gonna come outside
I don’t even like you
How do you even know where I live?
How did you even get my number?

Bitch, you so crazy
Nice work, Lutman!

I can hear the song in my head just reading the words. Doesn't matter that there is already a song called "Crazy Bitch" as there is no copyright on song titles... there just aren't enough titles to go around!!!

Love to hear this song played!
haha im glad you like it. :P
ive been trying to figure out some music to go along with it.