Didn't see any questions quite exactly what I meant so figured I'd post. I'm going to be using a Shure SM58 mic to record heavily distorted guitar, vocals, bass, and perhaps drums at some point. Is this going to get me at least semi-decent sound if I screw around with it some? I'm working on a real tight budget so I can't quite afford too expensive than this. Thanks for all help.
But you'll need good quality recording software
I would suggest Acoustica Mixcraft...like GarageBand for Windows but one hundred times better and almost half the price. andr eally simple to use.
Oh, and just to get this straight, to record, say, my amp, I'd simply plug my mic into the Line6 device which'd be plugged into my PC, click record on whatever software I have, and I'm set?
Audacity can work properly if you get the VST plug-ins and you know what you're doing. So much of audio engineering is just knowing what to do instead of having great gear.

And yes, that's how the toneport works. You should also be able to plug stuff right into it and select an amp model, especially useful for bass. With drums I would recommend either using a drum modelling program, or if you have to mic it, play your mic above and in front of the set just to pick up everything as best as you can.
yea it should work if you tweak it enough. I recorded two guitars and one vocalist down in NC last week with a single SM57 mic taped to the middle of the mic stand the singer was at. I could have tweaked the sound more as the nice Crate tube amp was low in the mix but it did work quite well for the setup...

What recording rig are you using other than a mic?

You have a few options, an MTR which I have for sale at $200 now (Fostex MR8 MKII) which I put a review in the pinned post at the top of the board
you can get a small audio interface like the toneport from line6 and run that into the computer of choice (laptop or desktop)
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