The Song is Called "All For No Reason" it's my favorite song so far, i mentioned it very briefly in another post but didn't really pick up peoples attention

Here's the Link


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if you have any (preferably Rock) songs that you want Me to listen to I'm more than happy to do so.


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pretty good tune, considering youve been playing for about a year!
I liked the tone and the way you recorded a couple guitars with different parts, it really added to the song. id suggest putting in a bass though. and the drums seem so lifeless...try to get somehow a better drum program...or record real drums if you can!

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I quite liked it, nothing really bad to say about it to be honest. Wasn't a fan of the drum beat at the start, but that's about it. Good job dude, I've listened to some of your other songs too, and they are also nice, I especially liked Betrayed.
I quite liked it. All the guitars had a very nice sound and I particularly liked the break where the accoustic came in. The recording was very good, and the drums were done pretty well. The only negitive for me was the volocities on the drums rolls. They need to be made to sound more real.

Overall, very good job.


Crit this if you get the time or have not already:

It sounds really great. I love all the layering of the guitars and it sounds very powerful when the electric guitar comes in. One I would like to hear in the song are lyrics, if you added some good vocal melodies this could turn into and even more killer song. But what you have sounds great and keep up the good work.

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Very very cool sounding. It almost made me think of The Offspring, only with a different sort of spin on it, especially with the acoustic breaks and stuff. I loved your tones too, they were all cool and stuff. I would have liked to hear some better sounding drums in it though. Maybe some vocs to, and a slightly longer song. Overall very cool.

Here is mine if you wish to crit:
Like Brain, I definitely sensed some Offspring in there. And the acoustic break about 2/3 the way through it was awesome...fit perfectly.

For the most part, I've got pretty much the same to say as everybody else. Work on the drums, but the composition/style and everything sounded really good. I also like that tone...sounds real crisp. I think you'll do very well as you get more experience with your guitar. Good stuff.

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