OK, so i'm a NOOB to this guitar thing. I have worked through the little "guitar for noobs" that I got at the music store with my guitar and am familiar with strumming a good handfull of chords. I want to try to start learning how to pick chords tho, and songs to practice with, but I have no idea where to even begin with this. I am used to the diagrams that UG provides, because the DVD that I had utilized the same thing, but is there a particular order? Where do I begin with this? Help!
its the same deal with playing full chiords - your hand will still remain holding down the chord but instead of strumming, you just pick individual strings. This is called an arpeggio, some good songs to help you are - house of the rising sun, behind blue eyes, knockin on heavens door, dont cry etc which use basic chords but in an arpeggiated way.
What you say pick chords, do you mean
arpeggiate chords?
or choose chords?
or even pick single notes?
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when i started out, i just learned songs that i liked. just try bands you listen to, and find others that you think are your skill level.

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